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Since 1988, we have been partnering with artesanos in Mexico bringing their beautiful work to the United States and abroad. Even before it was fashionable, Sedona Spirit was  practicing Fair Trade.  We have always worked directly with the artesans who create beautiful objects of art. This relationship has created many oportunities, employment at fair wages, and sustainable businesses in their local communities. Your support has an incredible impact on the lives and opportunities of so many people.  


Our products are a mix of traditional designs and ones that we have created for the American market.  We strive to make you, our customer happy.  Take a look into our online shop and discover new products that sell for your business.


Whether you are an independent specialty shop, a garden center, museum gift shop, or a national chain, we have a team of dedicated artesanos and the experience of over 25 years bringing the best of Mexican handicrafts to the market.  Our artesanos depend on us, and we depend on you!  

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